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Buddy System
VincentFecha: Thursday, 2011 May 19, 9:18 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Buddy List

To enhance player interaction, the Buddy System will provide a linkage between users by adding friends to the Buddy List. Follow the procedure as below to make a Buddy relation.

1. Add your friend (A) to your Friend List first before starting the Buddy System.

2. Find the Event NPC and go to Buddy UI Menu > Buddy List

3. The Buddy List UI will pop up at the right bottom corner.

4. On Buddy List, you can find an eligible friend who is already in your Friend List.

Only a friend who fulfills the following requirements can be showed up at the Buddy List.

A character with level 1 ~ 3
A character in the same server
A character without any other Buddy relation with someone else

Also, you have a few conditions in order to invite a Buddy.

Your character need to be level 50 or above.
You cannot create more than 1 Buddy relation.

5. Click your friend (A) and click on the “Invite” button.

6. While you are waiting for your invitation to be accepted, your friend (A) will see the message as below.

7. As soon as (A) clicks on the “Confirm” button, both of you will be notified once again that you and (A) have become a Buddy.

8. In case you want to remove (A) character from your Buddy List, click on the “Break” button while (A) character is selected.

Please note that character (A) cannot be removed from the “Friend List” of yours unless he is removed from your Buddy List.

9. 4 Buddies can be enrolled to your Buddy List at most, and each one of them cannot have any other Buddy relation with another character while they are on your list. Also, you cannot be added to someone else’s Buddy List while you have your own.

Buddy Challenges

Once the character A becomes your Buddy, he can challenge for various special Buddy missions. You need to help your Buddy for his accomplishment which will make both of you to win fruitful rewards together at once.

1. Find the Event NPC and go to Buddy UI Menu > Buddy Challenges

2. Select a mission to complete. Each challenge has to be cleared in order.

3. All missions require specific challenges to be accomplished as below.

4. As the Buddy (A) accomplishes his mission, he can click on "Complete" to get his reward.

5. As the Buddy (A) gets his reward, you are also going to get the same reward as well. However, you must be on-line in order your Buddy (A) to "Complete" the mission. If you are off-lined at the moment, your Buddy (A) will not be able to complete.

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